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Fully interactive online Spanish classes
Term 2 2024 starts 29th April 2024

After more than 3 years running online lessons we can say that most kids progress faster than in a face-to-face environment. There are less distractions and plenty of stimulation and interaction as classes are very engaging.

We run full sessions with the teacher connecting with the students in a virtual classroom for the whole duration of the lesson. We play games, move around, write and draw in the virtual whiteboard. We give every child the opportunity to participate and interact with the teacher and other students during the lesson.

In all our classes our main focus is on communication. We give children a sense of achievement, which helps them develop self-confidence. All our Spanish teachers are Native-speaking.

$22/class (*)

from 3 to 5 years old
40 minutes classes
5 children maximum
(*) 10 week program

Tue 8:00am
Sat 8:15am 

$24/class (*)

from 5 to 12 years old
60 minutes classes
7 children maximum
(*) 10 week program

Mon 3:35pm (kindy)
Mon 4:15pm (y1-y2)
Tue 4:15pm (y3-y6)
Wed 3:35pm (kindy)
Wed 4:15pm (y1-y2)
Thu 5:15pm (y3-y6)
Fri 4:15pm (y1-y2)
Fri 5:15pm (y3-y6)
Sat 9:00am (kindy)
Sat 10:00am (y3-y6)
Sat 11:00am (y1-y2)

$26/class (*)

from 12 to 17 years old
60 minutes classes
10 children maximum
(*) 10 week program

Mon 6:15pm

$25/class (*)

no age limit!
60 minutes classes
(*) 10 week program

Fri 12:00pm

Why learn with us

In Spanish is a unique and fun way for kids to learn Spanish. We are a group of Latin American mums and teachers that are passionate about our language and cultural heritage, and we believe we can make an important contribution to the community by offering quality language teaching through this unique immersion program.


In Spanish was founded by Carolina Posadas in 2013. Today, In Spanish offers classes for kids in more than 20 locations across Sydney, including Child Care Centres, Community Centres, Primary Schools and Private lessons.

Unique and fun way to learn

At In Spanish we follow a story based approach, split into thematic units. We believe in Immersion Education and we use everyday life vocabulary In Spanish.

We are passionate about Spanish

We only teach Spanish. Everything we do is designed to not only teach Spanish, but also to promote the Spanish and Latin American culture, helping kids expand their horizons.

Native Spanish speaking teachers

We only teach Spanish. As such, our teachers are Native Spanish speakers that have experience teaching young kids and know how to maximise the learning experience.

Small groups to suit different ages

Our classes are divided into different age groups, so we can cater for each individual child's need. Kids can start as young as 6 months old (face-to-face).

We create our own material

We design and develop our own material. This gives us the flexibility to continually improve and cater for the growing needs of our young students.

We partner with Centres and Families

We provide extra material to help everyone involved to learn along and increase exposure, crucial in language acquisition. We also run a Spanish playgroup for kids.

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